We engage and enhance the event delivery. We provide you and your customers choice. We listen first, place ourselves in your shoes, address your pain points and elevate the experience.

Event Design and Management, Venue Services, Vendor Management, Sponsorship, Talent Buying

Event and Venue Services

Work Smarter, Not Harder

ETK is driven by the dual goals of 1) taking the pain points out of your gathering and 2) enhancing your customer's experience. Period. The end result is a positive experience that is scalable and repeatable. We make it happen with -

  • diverse content and talent choice

  • local flavor

  • custom build

  • engaging marketing

  • focused management

ETK partners with arts, sports and entertainment facilities, event venues, festivals, and non profits.

Vendor Management

You focus on your visions. We focus on your distractions.

Choice in vendors is key in delivering the experience you envision. ETK has the management experience and the networks. You pick the pain point you want to offload - F&B, merchants, infrastructure, talent and more. Our team engages and coordinates a vetted network of national and local providers to deliver your visions.


Leverage your assets

Your Fans are other organization's customers as well. Companies want to be in front of your Fans and be identified with the experience you deliver. ETK will identify areas of opportunity to leverage what you already deliver by matching your event with like minded organizations that will pay to be associated with your event.


Forward Thinking

ETK partners with best-in-class, innovative providers that deliver depth, expertise and choice.

Our Experience

Diverse, Out-of-the-Box Thinking

The ETK teams' combined experience crosses decades, continents and channels. State fairs, religious gatherings, festivals, outdoor/indoor venues, breweries and distilleries, ticketing, F&B, marketing, online/offline, insurance, contracting - you name it. We have created events from concept to repeat, taking risk and outsourced management. If you organize a gathering - we will collaborate with you to eliminate the pain points and enhance the experience.